Irish students are advised to be careful when celebrating abroad

By | June 25, 2019

Irish students finishing final exams are advised to be careful when celebrating end of the year exams

As today is the last day of the Leaving Certificate exams, many students are ready to celebrate.

Alcohol Action Ireland has warned students to look after themselves and plan their holidays carefully to avoid tragic incidents.

Their CEO Dr Sheila Gilheany said: “Last year we recorded a number of incidences from young Irish people holidaying abroad, and most occurred on their first night in their destination.

They advise students to take things slow and not overindulge on the first night.

Gilheany also mentioned that alcohol and stress can have some detrimental effects on the body.


It’s important to be well rested and let your body heal from stress.

The Alcohol Action Ireland is even teaming up with some travel agencies to help with students’ safety.

“Young people just need to take a small bit of time to think about their own safety and the consequences of their actions.

While summer is a great time to celebrate, just don’t forget to be careful.