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Bizarre X-rays show a ‘chain’ inside a baby after she swallowed 36 magnetic balls

X-rays show how 36 magnetic balls formed a ‘CHAIN’ inside a baby’s stomach after the one-year-old accidentally swallowed them Unnamed baby was rushed to A&E in her native China with a fever and vomiting  Doctors managed to remove the chain during an hour-long operation  Baby is recovering in hospital; unclear how intestine puncture was treated … Read More »

English girl, 16, suffers horrific sunburn on back after snorkeling in Cuba

WARNING: Graphic image below.   A 16-year-old girl from England who suffered a horrific sunburn on her back while vacationing in Cuba this week has since taken to Facebook to warn others of the summer sun’s dangers. Maisie Squires, of Leeds, told Fox News Saturday that she was enjoying a snorkeling excursion near the end of her family’s two-week trip to Cuba when… Read More »

Woman's rare condition makes her sleep for a week after drinking alcohol

A student, named Hermione Cox-Denning, has to sleep for a week every time that she drinks alcohol. Hermione was only recently diagnosed with Kleine-Levin Syndrome which is a  rare neurological condition that causes her body to shut down days a time. When she first started to drink alcohol she thought that she caught a bug… Read More »