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Bizarre X-rays show a ‘chain’ inside a baby after she swallowed 36 magnetic balls

X-rays show how 36 magnetic balls formed a ‘CHAIN’ inside a baby’s stomach after the one-year-old accidentally swallowed them Unnamed baby was rushed to A&E in her native China with a fever and vomiting  Doctors managed to remove the chain during an hour-long operation  Baby is recovering in hospital; unclear how intestine puncture was treated … Read More »

Breech baby scan ‘would save lives’

Mums-to-be could be routinely offered an ultrasound scan at 36 weeks to help spot risky breech deliveries, when a baby’s bottom or feet will emerge first, say UK researchers. Breech births can be hazardous and tricky to diagnose. Currently, midwives and doctors tend to rely on the shape and feel of the mother’s bump to… Read More »