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Medical News Today: Central obesity linked to brain shrinkage

Being overweight can lead to several health problems. Scientists now believe that obesity in the stomach area could even have associations with a smaller brain size. A new study investigated the links between obesity and brain size. Researchers already know that the size of the brain can determine its health and function. However, they know… Read More »

Medical News Today: Key brain area plays a crucial role in addiction

New research finds that the cerebellum, a large part of the human brain that scientists thought was primarily involved in motor control, may play a key role in reward-seeking and social behaviors. The findings may help inform future therapies for treating addiction. New research suggests the brain’s cerebellum may explain addiction. Recent research has hinted… Read More »

Smoking pot just once may increase teen brain volume: Why that could be bad

Smoking pot just once might be linked to changes in young brains, a new study suggests. Adolescents who smoked marijuana one or two times had increased amounts of gray matter — a combination of neuron bodies and cells that feed them — in their brains compared with those who hadn’t, according to a new study published yesterday (Jan. 14)… Read More »