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What We Know About Diet and Weight Loss

ImageCreditGaia Stella You’d think that scientists at an international conference on obesity would know by now which diet is best, and why. As it turns out, even the experts still have widely divergent opinions. At a recent meeting of the Obesity Society, organizers held a symposium during which two leading scientists presented the somewhat contradictory… Read More »

Fad Diets May Help With Weight Loss, But They Can Also Mess With Your Brain

Getty ImagesJohanna Parkin Keto, the Carnivore Diet, and other restrictive diets are popular. That’s because they often work. People adopt the diet and they see results, sometimes dramatic, although often in the short term. “Doesn’t he/she look great?” Is what you often here. But my question, as a registered dietitian, is, “Yes, but how do… Read More »